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CB Eller Title I

C.B. Eller is a Title I School and must adhere to Title I policies




C.B. Eller Elementary School

 General Policy Statement

C,B. Eller Elementary School recognizes that parental involvement in their children’s education increases student success and strengthens parent-school communications. The Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA).requires the involvement of parents in Title I, Migrant and ESL programs.

Parental Involvement Goals

C.B. Eller Elementary School will, in coordination with parents of participating PreK-5 children, develop programs, activities and procedures, which have the following goals:

If a student is involved in an incident within the area of our camera views, the parent has the right to view any footage that involves disciplinary action of their child.

 To inform parents in a timely manner about program(s) for which their children qualify to be served and instructional objectives of the program(s).  Information sessions for parents may include Back-to-School Night, Parenting meetings, PTO Open House, Fun Times, etc.

To improve the effectiveness of communication with parents as equal partners and build ties between parents and the school.  Consultation with parents may include use of a consultant, input from Parent Advisory meetings throughout the year, Parent-Teacher conferences, etc.

 To implement a variety of approaches to improving parental involvement.  These approaches may include parenting meetings, advisory meetings, field trips, conferences, lunch with their child, newsletters, calendars, volunteering, etc.



Mechanisms, Procedures, Activities and Use of Funds


  1. B. Eller Elementary School will implement parental involvement programs and distribute a written parental involvement policy to parents of all children PreK-5 who participate in Title I programs.  Parents may be involved in reviewing and planning by working on Parental Involvement Policy, returning acknowledgment that they received the Parental Involvement Policy, utilizing quarterly meetings to provide parental input, etc.
  2. B. Eller Elementary School will convene an annual meeting, at a convenient time, to which all parents of participating children PreK-5 shall be invited and encouraged to attend, to inform parents of their school’s Title I participation, requirements and parental rights. The school will   offer a flexible number of meetings to meet the schedules of parents. Meeting opportunities may include PTO meeting, grade level meetings with parents, Back-to-School Night(s), Open House, scheduling both AM and PM meetings, Fun Times, individual conferences, etc.
  3. B. Eller Elementary School will schedule meetings and conferences at a variety of times and may conduct in-home conferences to maximize parental involvement and participation for PreK-5. Meeting and conference information may include schedules of both AM and PM meetings and/or conferences, meeting sign-in sheets, conference documentation, home visits documentation, etc.
  4. B. Eller Elementary School will jointly develop with parents a school-parent compact; will coordinate parent involvement programs and activities with other county programs including community-based organizations and businesses; will utilize the Parent Advisory Committee to provide advice on all matters related to parental involvement; will inform parents of the Parent Resource Center, its purpose and contents; and will provide other reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request. These programs, activities and procedures may include:

1.School-Parent Compacts;

2.Working with Smart Start, Social Services, Health Department, RESA, Wilkes Community College, More at Four, Head Start, Kiwanis, and other agencies and organizations to strengthen communication and collaboration;

3.Parent Advisory minutes;

4.Resource centers and training programs;

5.Use of parents as classroom volunteers;

  • C. B. Eller Elementary School will furnish materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve student achievement. Parental involvement PreK-5 may be fostered by providing materials and training during quarterly parenting meetings, offering Make and Take Parenting Night, Fun Times, etc.
  • C. B. Eller Elementary School will pay reasonable expenses associated with parental involvement activities and training.  These expenses may include refreshments/meals for parents, childcare during parenting sessions, purchasing needed materials for parenting sessions, etc.


 Accessibility Requirement

  • C. B. Eller Elementary School will communicate with parents, to the extent possible, in a language they understand and provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children. Communication may include translating needed information, utilizing an interpreter during parenting sessions, etc.


  Individual School Implementation

1.C. B. Eller Elementary School will give all parents the school’s Parental Involvement Policy and PreK will also receive the Operational and Personnel Handbook.  Distributing this policy and handbook will help parents to better understand how they can contribute to their children’s education.  Methods to distribute the policy and handbook may include:

  1. Send policy home with students and have parents acknowledge receipt;
  2. Give policy to teachers to distribute during Parent-Teacher Conferences;
  3. Distribute policy at school registration and Fun Times;
  4. Keep sign-in sheets for school meetings involving parents when distributing policy;

                                                                                                          Annual Evaluation

The LEA and NC DPI shall review C. B. Eller Elementary School’s parental involvement policy and practices to determine if the policies and practices meet the requirements of NCLB.

*Parent – The definition of a parent includes a legal guardian or a person such as a grandparent or stepparent who lives with the child or someone “who is legally responsible for the child’s welfare.”

 **Parent Advisory – Parents on this committee must be representative of your student population, specifically including parents of Title I students not employed by the school system.

For additional information concerning Title I - please click on the Wilkes County Schools Title I link on the right or under the parents tab.