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Parents » CB Eller Dress Code

CB Eller Dress Code

In keeping with the Wilkes County Schools dress code, our students are expected to conform to non-disruptive type dress. Student dress will be the responsibility of each student within the following guidelines:
 Students may not wear articles of clothing which display or promote advertisements of alcoholic beverages, tobacco/drugs, profanity, gang affiliation and/or pictures offensive to other individuals or groups.
 The law requires shoes to be worn at all times. Tennis shoes will be required of all students participating in physical education classes. No baseball / football shoes, helmets, or headgear are permitted inside the school building.
 Caps/Hats are strongly discouraged in the building. Absolutely no caps/hats, toboggans, hoodies or any other item considered to be headgear in the classroom without express permission by teacher and only when educationally appropriate (i.e. preparing food, working with machinery and/or at teacher discretion). Bandanas can be worn only to hold hair back. This applies to male/female alike.
 All shorts, skorts, dresses and skirts should be a modest and non-distracting length. The hem of the shorts, skorts, dresses, and/or skirts should be mid-thigh when standing. No ‘sophie’ shorts allowed. Running shorts must also be mid-thigh length.
 Spaghetti straps, halter-tops, midriff tops and muscle shirts are not appropriate and not allowed. Sleeveless/tank tops must be at least 1 ½ inches wide on shoulder. No shirts with gaping underarms, torn or cutoff sleeves, or excessive low-cut neckline allowed. Please maintain modest dress.
 Oversized and/or “Sagging” pants are not allowed.
 Pajamas are not allowed.
 Exposed undergarments are not permitted.
 Holes in pants/jeans are strongly discouraged. Holes that appear above mid-thigh will not be allowed.
 Piercings: As a safety/sanitation factor and with the exception for the normal piercing of the ear, we strongly discourage any oral, facial, or visible body piercing that contain affixed jewelry, rods, rings, studs, or any other device. This also includes tongue piercing. Students may be asked to remove piercings if educationally appropriate for safety/sanitation.
 Additional dress requirements may be made of students who come to school with inappropriate clothing and/or appearances that are disruptive to the learning environment.
 During after school activities, students must wear shirts / shorts at all times. This applies to male / female alike. Students who wear unacceptable clothing will be asked to change/remove items. If necessary, they will report to administration for parent contact to provide a change of clothes before returning to class. Failure to comply with the dress code policy may result in After School Detention, ISS, or OSS.