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Soil and Water

5th Grade Poster Contest


Who: All 5th graders in Wilkes County

When: All posters are due to the classroom teachers on Oct. 28th.

What: Create a poster using the theme of Soil and Water. The title “We All Live in a Watershed”


  •   Specifications:
    • Posters must be the original work of the individual student.  Students should be made aware of copyright protection. 
    • Posters must be no larger than 24" X 36" inches.
    • Poster MUST have the correct title on them (i.e. the title on the poster should match the title of the theme used for the current year). “Yours For Life”
    • Pictures or other materials may be mounted on the posters, if mounted securely.  Only materials that are flat or create a two-dimensional effect may be used. Hand drawn pictures qualify for extra judging points.  Mounted materials cannot stick out more than 1/8 of an inch from the paper.
    • Any coloring materials available to students and suitable for poster work may be used.  

After all the posters are turned in, the best three posters will be picked from the school to compete in the District Contest. *The District will pick 1 school winner from the 3 posters submitted.*


Prizes: At the Awards Banquet held in March, the 1 school winner from each school will receive a T-shirt and $25.00. The 4th place winner will receive $25, 3rd place winner will receive $50, 2nd place will receive $100, and 1st place will receive $150 and represent Wilkes County in the Area II competition.  The Area II awards banquet will be held on March 4, 2021.


Remember: Please no 3-D or wooden posters! Poster can be no higher than 1/8” off of page.


You can visit the district's website to learn more:



Judging Criteria:                                                                  Infractions:

  •     Conservation Message 50%                     *Copyright Violation     -5 points
  •     Visual Effectiveness 25%                          *Exceeding the size limit -5 points
  •     Universal Appeal 10%
  •     Originality 10%
  •     Hand-Drawn elements 5%


Congratulations to Leah R. , Emma S., and Noah J.for winning the CB Eller 2020-2021 Soil and Water Poster Contest. These students will advance to compete in the Wilkes County Soil and Water Poster Contest. We are very proud of your hard work!