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First Grade


First grade students will learn how to blend sounds into words
through explicit, systematic phonics skills instruction. Students will develop comprehension skills and strategies. Oral reading fluency is a primary goal in first grade.
First graders will learn explicit phonics.

First graders will be given specific instruction in letter sounds, phonetic spellings, decoding and blending. This enables the students to read and build fluency by giving them strategies when coming to unknown words. Students will practice the use of these skills in take-home books that target the phonetic skill(s) addressed in class.

First graders will build sight vocabulary.

Sight words will be introduced in class and then practiced in
take-home books. Reading these books at home will provide
opportunities for developing fluency.

First graders will develop comprehension strategies and skills.

First graders learn strategies that will help them monitor and
organize information within the story. 

Writing goes hand in hand with reading. Organizing thoughts
for writing enhances reading skills.

First graders practice handwriting.

First graders will write the sounds that they hear. 

First graders use spelling based on the sounds they hear to
write the words they don’t know. During the year, they will
correctly write more words as they learn to spell the sounds
they hear. They also learn to break larger words into syllables
and deal with them one part at a time. First graders also begin
spelling some high frequency words correctly.

First graders will learn basic writing conventions.

First graders will learn to use a capital letter at the beginning
of a sentence and a period, question mark or exclamation mark at the end. They learn to leave a space between words and sentences. The children will write stories that contain a few
sentences in the beginning of the year and more details as the
year progresses.

Major Concepts

• Number sense with numbers through 99
• Counting objects efficiently
• Writing numbers and number words
• Comparing and ordering numbers
• Patterns

Skills to Maintain
• Counting
• Identifying shapes
• Sorting and classifying
Parent Support


Provide time for a minimum of 15-20 minutes daily reading.
• Identify letters and/or familiar words when reading.
• Provide opportunities to sequence and retell stories.
• Read to your child and ask questions about the story.
• Listen and respond to stories relating a variety of experiences.
• Share favorite stories through storytelling, discussing the beginning, middle and end
  • Tell fairytales to your child, discuss the lesson or moral of the story.
  • Provide ample opportunities for counting objects.
  • Provide opportunities to count and identify money.
  • Help your child find patterns.