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Kindergartners spend much of their time building a solid background in the basic skills of reading. This year students will be introduced to systematic, explicit phonics; build a sight
word vocabulary; and develop comprehension strategies and skills that will enable them to become strong readers.

Kindergartners learn concepts about print.

Teacher-guided big book activities will expose children to parts of a book, story sequencing and rhyme patterns. They will learn that print is read from top to bottom and left to right. They will also learn one to one correspondence and how words are put together to make sentences.

Kindergartners will develop sound discrimination skills.

Kindergartners will learn how to distinguish the individual
sounds of our language (phonemic awareness). They will also learn how sounds are manipulated to make words.

Kindergartners will develop sight vocabulary. 
Kindergartners will build a vocabulary of sight words. Some of these words are irregular and cannot be decoded phonetically
(sounded out). Students will practice these words by reading
pre-decodable take-home books. This practice will reinforce
skills introduced in school.

Kindergartners will develop comprehension strategies and skills.

Kindergartners will learn strategies that will help them check their understanding while reading. Teachers will model using these strategies with varied selections of literature. Use of these strategies will give kindergartners a way to organize the information within a reading selection.

Writing goes hand in hand with reading. Learning to write
manuscript letters from left to right reinforces the skills
students are learning in their reading curriculum.

Kindergartners practice writing letters.

Kindergartners will learn to write each letter of the alphabet,
upper and lower case. The neatness of the writing will depend on the development of their fine motor skills (how well he/she controls the pencil).

Kindergartners write the sounds they hear.

Kindergartners will write their own stories using “temporary”
spelling based on the sounds they can hear in the words they
are writing. In the beginning, they will probably not hear vowel
sounds or blends.

Kindergartners learn to hear and write consonant sounds
and vowel sounds.

Children will first hear and write consonant sounds at the
beginning and end of words. Later, students will begin to add
vowel sounds when writing words.

Kindergartners learn how to write sentences.

Kindergartners learn to put a capital letter at the beginning
of each sentence, to leave a space between each word and to  show that sentences are finished by putting a period after the last word.

Major Concepts

• Number sense with numbers through 30
• Counting objects
• Days of the week
• Months of the year
• Basic Shapes
• Creating and extending patterns
• Sorting and classifying
  Sight Words  
in come out
on you and
the she do
he are be
is can will
am  big
me get said
we  up look
here not  to
Mrs. Deanna Prevette - Teacher
Mrs. Sheila Stone - Teacher Assistant
Mrs. Katy Willis - Teacher
Mrs. Tracey Hemric  Teacher Assistant
Ms. Jamie Williams - Teacher
Mrs. Heather Smith - Teacher Assistant